Amiga EOB1 is now fully rewritten to support AGA (256 colors) GFX:

(v1.09 AGA multilanguage on 22.12.2006)
here version 1.09 AGA multi-languages with AUTOMAP (fully playable):

  • PS: known bug: outro crash if you use automap before kill Xanathar so you must:
  • 1) save game before kill Xanathar
  • 2) exit game
  • 3) reload game and kill Xanathar without enter in automap screen using 'tab' key
  • Sorry for that i will try to fix it on futur update...

Amiga EOB1 ECS exists in multilanguage versions:
(v1.083 ECS multilanguage on 03.11.2006)
here version 1.083 ECS multi-languages (fully playable):

rem: westwoodtool.library, lowlevel.library and diskfont.library needed:

Here needed files to update current translation or to add new languages:

Happy test,

by examples:
French EOB1 AGA:

French EOB1 ECS:

French EOB1 ECS (again some transation works to do):