In Lands of Lore 1 most of files are into archives (.pak files).
Level file are grouped into LXX.PAK files where XX is the level number.
While general level data are into named pak file like Forest1.pak, Keep.pak, ecc.

pak Archive file

cps Picture
col Palette
fnt Font
shp Shape (collection of sprite)
wsa Animation

adl Adlib Music
xmi XMI music (similar to midi)
c55 Roland Sound Canvas C55 music
pcs PCSpeaker sound???
voc Creative VOiCe file - digitalized sound effects and speech

vcn Wallset graphics
vmp Wallset matrix definition
dat Decoration or maze data???
cmz EoB maze definition, but compressed with Format 80
eng ENGlish text compressed with a Dizio-Encoding
fre FREnch text compressed with a Dizio-Encoding
ger GERman text compressed with a Dizio-Encoding

inf Script data similar to Eob inf
ini INItialization data for level???
wll WaLL data, maybe decoration data???
tim Timing and other animation WSA information
tbl Precalculated table??
tlc ???
xxx ???